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What is homecare? The aging process inevitably brings about physical and mental changes that can interfere with an active and independent lifestyle. But nearly all seniors want to stay in their home as they age, often referred to as “aging in place”. Oftentimes the responsibility for supportive care comes from family members but hiring outside help may be necessary at some point to address increasing care needs. Homecare can assist the senior to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible instead of moving to a nursing home or assisted living facility. Involving a professional caregiver can benefit both the senior and their family members.
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Professional caregivers can help your loved one to remain independent in their own home by assisting with:
  • Assistance with bathing, dressing, grooming and toileting
  • Diet monitoring including planning for and preparing meals
  • Light housekeeping including help with laundry, making beds and vacuuming
  • Assistance with shopping, running errands and transportation to appointments or activities
  • Reminders to take medications, drink fluids and eat regularly
  • Going for walks, engaging in favorite activities and friendly companionship
Should I hire an independent non-agency caregiver? Many seniors have done this but it comes with a significant risk and therefore is not recommended by any of the aging authorities like the AARP or Illinois Department on Aging. Privately hiring a senior caregiver may seem more economical but at what cost? Private caregivers are largely untrained and unsupervised which puts the senior at risk of abuse and exploitation. Further, there is generally no back-up support for caregiver emergencies, illnesses and vacation.
Long term care insurance providers realize the risk of independently hired caregivers and therefore will not cover the cost of their services.
What makes Best Care For You different from other agencies?
Our caregivers are our difference. They are carefully selected to reflect our philosophy, screened, trained and supervised.
a. Our pre-employment training curriculum is thorough and rigorous including courses in communication, personal care, safety, body mechanics, infection control, nutrition, observation and reporting, HIPAA, etc. Because we are closely affiliated with Excell Nursing Review, one of the best-known nursing review programs in the nation, they assist us in curriculum development and competency testing for our non-medical caregivers and Certified Nursing Assistants.
b. Our caregivers are screened through the Illinois Health Care Worker Registry and all receive a detailed orientation, fingerprint background check and rigorous personal reference checks. BCFY is bonded and insured.
c. Our caregivers must reflect our motto – Because We Care, We Give the Best! As an Asian-owned agency we adhere to our cultural philosophy of aging as something to be celebrated, revered and respected and we only hire caregivers that embody this old-world, intrinsic value.
Are caregivers monitored to ensure quality care?
Yes. All caregivers have regular supervision by one of our supervisors. The supervisor makes regularly scheduled visits to your home while the caregiver is present and sometimes when the caregiver is not. The supervisor is available to both you and the caregiver at any time to address any concerns that arise.
Do you provide services in assisted living facilities and/or nursing homes?
Yes. We collaborate with assisted living communities to provide care in various settings. We have many clients in senior living facilities.
Will Medicare pay for homecare services?
Medicare pays for certain home services – like a home health aide and skilled nursing – for individuals who meet Medicare requirements for skilled nursing services. Individuals often receive this type of help when they first come out of a hospital. Home care services like assistance with activities daily of living are not covered by Medicare.
If a client requires in home medical services of the type covered by Medicare, Best Care For You is closely affiliated with Excell Home Health Plus. We frequently coordinate services such as in our Hospital to Home or Post-Surgery Recovery Care. In those services some of the expenses are covered by Medicare and some private pay. This coordination of services is a big advantage to the client since communication is enhanced between agencies and the client.
What are the Costs?

Best Care For You offers flexible in-home care:
  • Temporary or long-term care
  • Weekday, weekend or holiday
  • Daytime, evening, overnight and live in
We will work with you to design a care plan that fits your unique individual needs at competitive flat or hourly rates.
When are caregivers available? Are there minimum hours? At Best Care For You, caregivers are available when you need them: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Many agencies struggle to find live-in caregivers but this is not a problem for Best Care. Most times, caregivers hope to have a minimum shift of four hours. There are many times, however, when two and three-hour shifts are possible.
What do I need to do to avail your services?
Contact our office and we will conduct a phone assessment of the patient's condition and needs to select and provide a caregiver who has the specific skills to meet your requirements. Our staff, together with a caregiver will arrange for a home visit to better understand your needs and develop a care plan. If the caregiver is acceptable he or she can immediately start working with you.
How soon can services be started?
Services can be provided within 48 hours or the same day according to availability.
What if my needs change due to medical reasons or changes in schedule? What if I am not satisfied with my caregiver?
Contact our office and tell us your concerns. We will review and revise your care plan and provide you a more suitable caregiver to fit your new requirements, if necessary.
Is Best Care For You accredited by long term care insurance companies?
Yes. Best Care For You, Inc. is accredited by different insurance companies that carry long term care policies which include CNA Long Term Care Insurance, New York Life Insurance, Trans America, John Hancock, Metlife, and more. We continue to work with other long term care insurance companies.
"Because We Care, We Give The Best"